'Pool-baking' for Tezos

Bakepool is an open-source contribution to the Tezos community sponsored by Wealthchain, Inc.

Bakepool enables Tezos bakers to form coalitions of bakers (or 'pools'), to process delegates as a collective enterprise.  Bakepools can be created as private syndicates or may be public and open to the public, for either commerical or non-commercial purposes. 

Start a Bakepool

Start a public or private bakepool network of your own. Pool your available capacity and take on a steady flow of delegates.

Search Bakepools (coming soon)

Sort by Name Public/Private
1 Bakeshop.io Public
2 Bake.network (example) Public
3 TacoPool (example) Private
4 ClubTezos.com (example) Private

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